Understanding the different finishes of porcelain stoneware

A true star of floor and wall coverings, porcelain stoneware comes in a multitude of finishes, each giving the surface a distinct look and properties. Whether you're a fan of sleek design or looking for authentic style, there's a porcelain stoneware finish just right for you. Here are the details.

What are the porcelain stoneware finishes?

Porcelain stoneware, a material renowned for its strength and durability, is also characterised by its incredible aesthetic diversity. This variety is due to the different finishes to which it is subjected during manufacture.

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The finish of porcelain stoneware results from the treatment of its surface, giving it a matt, glossy, satin or structured appearance. Each finish has its own characteristics and gives the tile specific properties in terms of :

  • anti-slip: certain finishes, such as the structured finish, offer better grip and are therefore ideal for wet or slippery areas;
  • scratch resistance: polished or satin finishes are more sensitive to scratches than matt or structured finishes;
  • ease of maintenance: smooth finishes, such as polished finishes, are generally easier to clean than structured finishes;

The finish you choose plays a vital role in the final appearance of the flooring. It can be used to create a variety of atmospheres, from modern and minimalist to rustic and authentic. you'll find quality porcelain stoneware tiles on the site gres-porcellanato.com.

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Examine the main porcelain stoneware finishes

To guide you in your choice, here's an overview of the main porcelain stoneware finishes.

Polished finish

This finish offers a smooth, shiny surface that reflects the light and visually enlarges the space. It is ideal for bright rooms and contemporary styles.

Satin finish

Less glossy than the polished finish, the satin finish offers a soft, velvety feel. It is appreciated for its chic, elegant look.

Matt finish

A matt finish is sober and timeless. It doesn't reflect light and hides imperfections in the floor. It's perfect for living rooms and cosy spaces.

Textured finish

This finish reproduces the look of natural stone or wood. It offers a non-slip surface and a rough feel, ideal for wet areas and rustic rooms.

Lapped finish

The lapped finish combines matt and gloss aspects. It offers a unique, modern look, perfect for designer interiors.

Choosing the ideal porcelain stoneware finish for your project

Choosing the right porcelain stoneware finish depends on a number of factors.

The type of room

For wet rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens, choose a non-slip finish. For living areas, a matt or satin finish may be suitable.

The style you want

The finish contributes to the ambience of the room. Opt for a polished finish for a modern style, a structured finish for a rustic style, etc.

The brightness of the room

Glossy finishes make the room appear larger, while matt finishes make it appear darker.

Your personal preferences

The final choice is a matter of taste. Don't hesitate to compare different finishes and select the one that appeals most to you.


With its multiple finishes, porcelain stoneware offers an infinite range of possibilities for enhancing your floors and walls. By taking into account the characteristics of each finish and your specific needs, you'll find the perfect porcelain stoneware to create a space that reflects your image.

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